newborn baby care

Going home with a newborn baby is often a challenge especially for mothers. Our certified caregivers will join you through the life-changing experience of becoming a mother and growing a family. 


​Our experienced Caregivers/Nanny have undergone specialized education in providing instruction and practical help in mother and infant care, including what to expect during the first few weeks at home with a newborn. The nanny functions as the primary authority figure while the parents are away; this usually means that the caregiver/nanny is in charge of everything that corresponds to the care of the children. The kinds of tasks that a caregiver/nanny will be expected to complete daily can include: 


Scope of Service:  

  • Care of newborn such as feeding, bathing, nappy changing, baby settling, sleeping and helping families cope with a crying infant. 

  • Baby health monitoring including growth charting, baby weighing and observation of fontanelle 

  • Mothers’ breastfeeding support and education. 

  • Post-delivery wound care. 

  • Sibling integration and comfort. 

  • Childcare services such as playing, feeding, guiding and comforting children 

  • Managing and tidying the baby’s room. 

  • Teaching you the best safety and hygiene practices around the baby 

  • Changing diapers and potty-training, if age-appropriate 

  • Children’s laundry 

  • Planning meals, preparing food, and/or feeding the children 

  • Arranging playdates and outings 

  • Indoor and outdoor play 

  • Educational activities and crafts 

  • Reading to the children 

  • Supervise homework and assist if needed 

  • Organizing bedrooms/toys 

  • Administering medicine with parents’ consent, if necessary 

  • Maintaining logs for the parents 

  • Perform housekeeping tasks related to children’s care 



Our services also include providing professional, specialized Child Care Services at home. 

We offer flexible solutions for your childcare needs and cater for babies and older children. The main aim of our services is to provide you with the support that you can rely on, such as: 

  • Supporting you on returning home from hospital stay. 

  • Establishing a sleep routine for your baby to make sure you enjoy a good night’s sleep 

  • Helping care for multiple babies at home. 

  • Smoothing your return to work or attending to other commitments. 

  • Assisting you during your nanny’s leave.