Wahat Al Aman Home Healthcare delivers what you need most through Lippincott Procedures

By: Monna Lissa Augustin

Technological innovation has not only impacted social change in recent years but has been the prime driver of educational transformation. Healthcare professionals in the clinical setting, in particularly in home care have come to expect education to be delivered in a way that offers increased usability and convenience. To support the clinical staff in upholding professional responsibility and maintain competency in practice, Wahat Al Aman Home Healthcare acquired subscription of Lippincott Procedures that can be accessed by all clinical staff. This point-of-care tool offers step-by-step procedural guidance to help you keep current with one approved standard of care.

Lippincott Procedures, a web-based go-to source, has over 1,700 procedures and skills from wide variety of nursing specialties including medical-surgical, critical care, obstetric, pediatric, neonatal, ambulatory care, pediatric intensive care, perioperative, oncology, behavioral health, and long-term care. In addition, it also inallied

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