Wahat Al Aman JAWDA Recertification Journey

By: Lauriano Marcos and Rove Ann Enguerra

Wahat Al Aman embark to its very first virtual JAWDA Data Certification held last June 11, 2020. The auditors with the team of five from TASNEEF RINA (TRBA) spearheaded that said audit which aims to validate claims and key performance indicator (KPI) data submitted insurance company and JAWDA.

Participants including top management were called in prior to start for brief introduction of the certification body which includes the audit process, the method of scoring and grading system and collection of evidences.

All audit activities (reviews, validations and process reviews for both claim and KPI was performed simultaneously thru online meeting. Group was divided into two, four auditors where focus on claims and coding review while one auditor concentrate on validation of bed days and six KPI indicator namely deep vein thrombosis, emergency department utilization, falls resulting to any injury, new or worsening pressure injury, PEG tube complication and transfer to acute care.

Audit evidence for identified variations were collected within the time of audit. Findings were relayed during the conclusion meeting after the audit. For minor and major non conformity, JAWDA - TASNEEF was given the company 5 days to submit the corrective action plan before deciding the final report for the company.

Within 3 weeks after the audit day, a JAWDA certification was release for Wahat Al Aman which signifies the overall understanding of the quality of clinical data documentation, collection, and coding and KPI collection and validation.

Aiming at continuous improvement of quality care, patient safety and data quality, Wahat Al Aman geared toward in achieving a higher grading on the succeeding certification.

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