senior care

We understand that being in an interdependent and loving environment increases the elderly’s self-confidence and abilities. Wahat Al Aman qualified team of nurses and practitioners are ready to dedicate their experience and time to educate and assist the family members about the best needed practices and therapies. They will coordinate with the family through a senior care program, which provides a multidisciplinary approach to caring for the patients and relieving their suffering at any stage of their disease.


Our skilled nurses and coaches are devoted to meeting the unique needs of each individual, a truly patient-centered service, improve quality of care, open and effective communication, positive attitude, continuous advancement, celebrate life, through a variety of senior care options, whether they are psychological, physical or medical which includes:

·    Daily activity advisory chart

·    Medication management

·    Pain management

·    Physiotherapy

·    Catheter care

·    Wound care


Our values


Because we believe it’s our people who make Wahat Al Aman Senior living so special, we make sure everyone whose life we touch has everything they need to be fulfilled, motivated and empowered to live a great life. How? Through Wahat Al Aman Senior Care Living eight core values:


·       Integrity

·       Loyalty

·       Care

·       Respect

·       Passion

·       Joy

·       Excellence

·       Accountability

Our supporting services include:

·    Medication Management – Supporting families in adequately stocking up of medical supplies & facilitating collections of the           supplies where authorized

·    Back up Equipment – We have backup equipment of most frequently used equipment

·    Appointment Booking – Our clinical care managers would ensure timely booking of appointment and arrangements thereafter including collections of reports