Ventilation at home

Our ventilation at home program helps patients retain as much normalcy possible in the comfort of their homes while receiving ventilator support and other supportive medical treatment.  

For our ventilator patients, our home services include (apart from bedside nursing);

  • Regular visits from multidisciplinary team including the physician, respiratory therapist, physiotherapist and nurse supervisor.

  • Blood tests 

  • Troubleshooting of mechanical ventilator.

Our team will help care, monitor, go about activities of daily living, administer medication and feed ventilator dependent patients at the comfort of their homes.

Our team of physicians, nurses and respiratory therapists caters to patients of all age groups ranging from paediatrics to geriatrics. Regular visits made by our physician and respiratory therapist ensure patient is stable and does not require any escalation of care and avoid frequent hospitalizations.


  • Increased family and community integration.

  • Increased social interactions that enhance your loved one’s quality of life.

  • Reduced exposure to hospital-borne infections including MRSA/MDRO.

  • For children, living with their parents and family greatly enhances their normal development and the quality of their relationships with family and friends.

Our supporting services include:

  • Medication Management – Supporting families in adequately stocking up of medical supplies & facilitating collections of the supplies where authorized

  • Back up Equipment – We have backup equipment of most frequently used equipment

  • Appointment Booking – Our clinical care managers would ensure timely booking of appointment and arrangements thereafter including collections of reports

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